Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Immobilization of Bioluminescent bacteria with application as biosensor    M.Sc.    pordeli, parvaneh    0000-00-00
2    The effect of anti-microbial peptides extracted from skin secretion of Rana ridibunda on pro-inflammatory cytokine gene expression in the human epithelial cell line A549 with real time quantitative PCR    M.Sc.    kashef, reyhaneh    0000-00-00
3    Cloning and expression of a thermophilic α-amylase gene from Bacillus cereus in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3)            0000-00-00
4    Isolation, purification and biochemical chracterization of a new lipase from hot mineral spiring of Dig Rostam    M.Sc.    ghanbari, tahereh    2011-03-06
5    Feasibility study of cloning and expression phy C gene in Escherichia coli    M.Sc.    ariannejad, hamid    2011-03-06
6    Isolation, Purification and Biochemical Chracterization of َAmylase from Unidentified Bactreial Floura of Hot Mineral Spiring of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Dig Rostam    M.Sc.    alemi, ashraf    2011-04-09
7    Purification of Angiotensin I- Converting Enzyme from Camel Lung    M.Sc.    houshmand, najmeh    2011-04-30
8    Purification Of Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme From Ostrich Lung    M.Sc.    mojallal taba tabaei, zahra    2011-04-30
9    Association between TCF7L2 and PDX-1 gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in Mashhad    M.Sc.    Rafati, Roya    2011-04-30
10    Isolation, Purification and Characterization of a protease from a dig rostam spring bacteria species in Iran    M.Sc.    mohammadian musa abadi, hossein    2011-05-10
11    Isolation and Purification of Antimicrobial Peptides from Skin Secretions of Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis    M.Sc.    Ghorani Azam, Adel    2011-07-16
12    Isolation and Purification of Antimicrobial Peptides fron Skin Secretion of Local Rana Ridibunda in the Province of Razavi Khorasan    M.Sc.    ZARE ZARDINI, HADI    2011-08-16
13    Interactions between the white grub, Polyphylla adspersa (Col., Melolonthidae ) and the entomopathogenic nematode, Steinernema glaseri : Celullar and humoral aspects    M.Sc.    Alvandi, Jamileh    2011-09-22
14    The interaction of fluxetine and alprazolam with human serum albumin (HSA)    M.Sc.    DANKOOB, FAEZE    2012-06-27
15    Isolation and Purification of Glycosylphosphatidylinositols (GPI) of Shizont Stage of Theileria Annulata and Feasibility of Using GPI-CNT-PLGA Nanoparticles Conjugation in Stimulation of Immune Responses in an in vitro Condition    Ph.D    abbasnia baze, toktam    2012-11-15
16    The study of interaction between several derivatives of hydroxy oxindol with DNA .    M.Sc.    shoja zo, tahere    2013-01-26
17    Isolation and characterization of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) producing bacteria from activated sludge in Bojnord’s wastwater treatment plant    M.Sc.    Maroof, Simin    2013-05-04
18    Isolation and cloning of a lipase gene from Bacillus subtilis DR8806 in E.coli BL21    M.Sc.    Emtenani, Shirin    2013-05-13
19    Isolation and cloning of an α-amylase gene from Bacillus subtilis DR8806 in E.coli BL21    M.Sc.    Emtenani, Shamsi    2013-05-13
20    The effect of antimicrobial peptide Temporin-Ra on proinflammatory cytokine gene expression in the human epithelial cell line A549 by semi- quantitative RT- PCR    M.Sc.    asadi, fateme    2013-05-13
21    Study of thermostable alpha-amylase activity in bacterial clones of hemothermal and hyperthermal hot springs in order to evaluate its application in food industry    M.Sc.    taati, azadeh    2013-10-21
22    Effect of organic and inorganic zinc supplements bioavailability on ewes and lambs performance    Ph.D    Naghdi, Neda    2013-12-21
23    The study of ultrasound effect on interaction of Bovine Serum Albumin with 3-hydroxy-2-oxindole alkylated derivates    M.Sc.    Jahandari, samira    2013-12-28
24    Isolation, purification and biochemical characterization of cellulase enzyme from Bacillus subtilis DR8806    M.Sc.    ramezani, somaye    2014-02-08
25    Isolation, purificationand biochemical characterization a protease from Bacillus subtilis DR8806    M.Sc.    Farhadian, Shaghayegh    2014-02-08
26    Theoretical and experimental study of the interaction between TR_14 peptide and angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE)    M.Sc.    Malakooti, Mohammad Ebrahim    2014-03-08
27    Biodegradation of phenol by psychrophilic and cold-tolerant bacteria from Binalood mountains    M.Sc.    sepehr, shadi    2014-05-12
28    Isolaton and identification of cellulase producing microorganisms from branch borer beetle osphranteria coerulescens larvae    M.Sc.    hatefi, atousa    2014-05-12
29    Isolation, purification and biochemical characterization of lipoxygenase enzyme from flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum)    M.Sc.    tabkhi, somayeh    2014-06-14
30    Isolation, purification and biochemical characterization of a lipoxygenase enzyme from Sesame (Sesamun indicum)    M.Sc.    marvian hosseini, zahra    2014-06-14
31    Isolaton and identification of laccase producing Bacteria from branch borer beetle osphranteria coerulescens larvae and other liginin containing environments    M.Sc.    Asadi Shamsabadi, Elaheh    2014-06-23
32    A probability based method for predicting protein beta-sheets using integer programming    M.Sc.    eghdami, mahdie    2014-07-06
33    The effects of pistachio by products tannin extract on microbial fermentation, rumen enzyme activities and immune factors in ruminants    Ph.D    Taghavi, Hamid    2014-09-21
34    Isolation, purification and biochemical characterization of protease enzyme from soil fungal flora in Charm-Shahr of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Salehi, Ehsan    2015-01-19
35    Biosensor ability of luminescent bacteria isolated from shrimp farm of Govater islands and characterization of its luciferase enzyme    M.Sc.    Vafaeie, Farzane    2015-02-10
36    Investigation antibacterial effect of ZnO nanoparticle and spermine conjugated poly(styrene-alt-maleic anhydride) on Enteroccus faecalis and Acintrobacter bumani in acidic pH conditions    M.Sc.    javedani bafekr, jalil    2015-02-14
37    Identification of cold adapted bacteria producing amylase and enzymatic characterization    M.Sc.    Sharbaf, Faezeh    2015-06-02
38    Isolation , Identification and optimization of tyrosinase enzyme producing bacteria from North and East North soils of Iran    M.Sc.    oveysi, mona    2015-06-02
39    Study of antioxidant of Temporin -Ra peptide under in vitro conditions    M.Sc.    nezafati, hamid reza    2015-07-13
40    The effect of antimicrobial peptide of Temporin-Ra on gene expression of tomur necrosis factor (TNF) in the human epithelial cell line A549 by Real-time PCR    M.Sc.    Hooshmand, Maryam    2015-07-13
41    The effect of Brevinin-2R peptide extracted from skin secretion of marsh frog on gene expression of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) in the human epithelial cell line A549 by real time PCR    M.Sc.    hosseini, hanieh    2015-07-13
42    Extraction optimization, purification and characterization of a protease enzyme from fruits of Withania coagulans    M.Sc.    shavandi, saeideh    2015-07-28
43    Antioxidant study of Mastoparan-B peptide and its effect on viability of human lung adenocarcinoma (A549)    M.Sc.    ahmadi oskouee, farnaz    2015-08-10
44    The effect of GL-9 peptide on gene expression of CD44 cancer factor in human lung epithelial cell line A549    M.Sc.    Hooshmand, Kosar    2015-08-10
45    Effect of proteonectin peptide on viability and gene esperssion of cancer factors in A549 lung cells by semi-quantitative RT-PCR    M.Sc.    Eskandari, Rosa    2015-08-10
46    Engineering of Ranapiranse Enzyme for inducing apoptosis in Cell    Ph.D    Ariannejhad, Hamid    2015-09-22
47    Taxonomic revision of spider geckos of the genus Agamura Blanford, 1874 (Squamata: gekkonidae) in Iran: molecular and morphological approaches    Ph.D    hosseinian yousefkhani, seyyed saeed    2016-01-23
48    Optimization and purification of keratinase from Bacillus sp. FUM-120    M.Sc.    morid shahi, roghayeh    2016-04-27
49    Optimization of Culture Conditions for Keratinase Production by Bacillus sp. FUM-2 of Poultry Waste    M.Sc.    mehraban, sahar    2016-04-27
50    Isolation of moderate and extremely halophilic prokaryotes from Chabahar solar salterns and qualitative survey for hydrolytic enzymes production    M.Sc.    hashemzahi, amanollah    2016-06-13
51    Identification of cold adapted bacteria producing protease from Binaloud Mountains and enzymatic characterization    M.Sc.    nikbakhti, reihaneh    2016-06-15
52    The influence of nanoparticles on doxorubicin toxicity in two and three-dimensional cultures    M.Sc.    Arjmand Bahar, Azadeh    2016-08-06
53    The effect of Brevinin-2R antimicrobial peptide on antioxidant enzymes of catalase and glutathione peroxidase in human epithelial cell line A549.    M.Sc.    ghodsi moghadam, bahareh    2017-01-02
54    Extraction, purification and biochemical characterization of a protease from microbial flora of digestive systems of termites    M.Sc.    assari, reihaneh    2017-01-21
55    Isolation, purification and biochemical characterization of cellulase enzyme from bacteria of gut extract of termite    M.Sc.    Javaheri kermani, Mandana    2017-01-21
56    Extraction, Purification and Biochemical Characterization of Bioactive Peptides from Scorpion Venom (Hemiscorpius lepturus)    Ph.D    Setayeshmehr, Zahra    2017-01-24
57    To evaluate the influence of ciprofloxacin on the cell viability, invasion and colony formation of prostate cancer DU145 cells-resistant to doxorubicin in 2D and 3D cultures    M.Sc.    davary avareshk, asieh    2017-05-06
58    Immobilization and activity assay of sporal laccase from marine bacteria Bacillus sp. KC2 with application in bioremediation    M.Sc.    khakshoor, mojtaba    2017-07-11
59    The effect of WG-9 peptide on antioxidant enzyme activities of catalase and glutathione peroxidase,in the human epithelial cell line A549 by spectrophotometry method    M.Sc.    hasan beyki noghondar, maryam    2017-08-26
60    Study of the ameliorative effect of betanie on oxidative stress induced by arsenic poisoning in liver and kidney of rat    M.Sc.    alhafyan, salim    2017-09-04